Pediatric PowerStep

The Pediatric PowerStep is a state-of-the-art device for cutting-edge loco-motor training intervention distributed by Power NeuroRecovery, Inc. The PowerStep is designed to facilitate the sensori-motor experience for walking through manual-assist body weight support treadmill training. Pediatric physical therapists with expertise in delivering locomotor training and engineers designed the Pediatric PowerStep specifically to meet the needs of children with spinal cord injury and children with other neurological conditions, age 18 months to 12 years, and those providing locomotor training.

Key features of the Pediatric PowerStep include:

Features advantageous for the child:

  • Open, unobstructed view by child to surroundings from position on the treadmill
  • Dynamic body weight support system sensitive to child weighing 25# to 125#
  • Comfortable and fun lift and ride from wheelchair to the treadmill and back via the body weight support crane
  • Dynamic pediatric harness 
    • Promotes progression of trunk control with removable circumferential trunk supports of varying widths
    • Minimalist design allows free arm swing, trunk rotation, and leg movement
    • Protective padding for legs and vertical support straps
    • Easily adjustable via vertical support straps
    • Adjustable pelvic band both anterior and posteriorSide handles, both rigid and flexible, for access by pelvic/trunk trainer to position pelvis and facilitate rotation 
    • Lightweight and washable
    • Three sizes fit children age 18 months to 12 years

Ergonomic advantages for therapists and trainers:

  • 14” treadmill width allows ease of access to the child by ‘leg trainers’
  • Adjustable seat height for ‘leg trainers’ affords upright posture for trainers ranging in height from 4’11” to 6’3” 
  • Adjustable seat forward and backward optimally aligns each trainer’s position relative to the child for repetitive step and stand facilitation
  • Adjustable bench height and foot support for ‘pelvic/trunk trainer’
  • Overhead body weight support system and rotating crane lifts the child wearing a trunk/pelvis harness from a wheelchair to on/off the treadmill (eliminates need for ramp and reduces overall system footprint)
  • Open, unobstructed view and access to engage the child by the therapist 

System features:

  • Computerized adjustment of treadmill speed and body weight support
  • On-going session data readily available throughout session including body weight support, speed, session parameters, cumulative session data 
  • Cumulative reporting of session data for use with session documentation
  • System footprint readily allows for use in pediatric clinics

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